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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beyonce Listen Lyrics

Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start but can't complete

Listen to the sound from deep within
Its only beginning to find release

Ohh the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own, all 'cause you won't listen

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened

There was someone here inside
Someone I thought had died
So long ago
Oh I'm screaming out
And my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed Aside or turned
Into your own
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All 'cause you won't listen

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened

I don't know where I belong
But I'll be moving on
If you don't, if you won't

Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start, but I will complete

Now I am done believing you
You don't know not what I am feeling
I'm more than what you've made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me

But now I got to find my own - my own

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

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Biography Beyonce

Born on September 4, 1981, to a loving family in Houston, Texas, Beyonce (rhymes with fiance) Giselle Knowles showed an aptitude for music before she could even talk. As a young girl, she would drown out everyone, including the choir, on Sundays at church. Every weekend, she tuned her voice by doing soulful hymns with the congregation and then moved on to opera classes, in which she was classically trained.

beyonce in destiny's child
A normal childhood was not in the books for Beyonce. At 8 years old, she met LaTavia Robertson while auditioning for a girl musical group and Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's manager and father, later paired the two with LeToya Luckett. In 1992, cousin Kelly Rowland joined the group, and they performed together on Star Search.

Small gigs and much label-shopping later, the four beauties cemented their relationship by calling themselves Destiny's Child. In 1997, "No, No, No" became their first official single, and they got off to a big start as the track went multiplatinum. The girls were instantly popular in the media and impressed all with their self-titled debut.

If critics were impressed with this new R&B group's success, they were absolutely floored when The Writing's on the Wall hit stores in 1999. DC, led by the incomparable Beyonce, had three top 10 hits within the year: "Jumpin, Jumpin," "Say My Name" and "Bills, Bills, Bills." They became one of the best-selling female groups of recent memory after this second album sold more than 9 million units worldwide. At the same time, it was announced that their single "Independent Women Part 1," off the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, had reached the largest audience ever in the recorded radio airplay -- 140.4 million pairs of ears.

beyonce's grammys
Shortly after the announcement of five Grammy nominations at the 2001 awards show and the excitement of the unbelievable record sales, LeToya and LaTavia left the group amid management struggles. Legal problems ensued, but Destiny's Child became whole again with the arrival of Michelle Williams, and, for a short stint only, backup singer Farrah Franklin. At the Grammys, DC took home two awards, Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group, both for "Say My Name."

As a trio, Destiny's Child's third album, Survivor, which debuted in the spring of 2001, garnered a whole new set of hits, like "Bootylicious" and the title track. The success of Survivor resulted in another Grammy for the group in February 2002. In fact, the American Music, MTV, Soul Train, and Image Awards all showered the group with more hardware and praise.

beyonce in austin powers
After all this success, the group's three talented "sistas" decided to try their hands at solo careers before investing their time in another Destiny's Child album. To no one's surprise, Beyonce captured the bulk of the spotlight with her sex appeal and strong vocals. Even before her first album was organized, she had a hit with Jay-Z called "Bonnie and Clyde '03" and was cracking up audiences with her big-screen debut alongside Mike Myers in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002). This simply prepared fans for what was to come with Dangerously In Love, released in June 2003.

In 2003, Beyonce ventured onto the big screen again in the musical/comedy The Fighting Temptations alongside Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr.

beyonce's crazy in love
Beyonce displayed a versatile style with this solo effort, creating the club hit "Baby Boy," the pop success "Crazy In Love" and the soulful "The Closer I Get To You" with Luther Vandross. Like her work in Destiny's Child, Beyonce wrote or cowrote many of the tracks and performed her heart out on award shows to get the word out to a huge audience. She has emerged as a diva, making the best videos, catchiest songs and creating the most headlines. At 2004's Grammy ceremony, Beyonce took away five awards and was the biggest winner of the night (a feat Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Norah Jones each accomplished in previous years). It was also during this time that Beyonce become involved with her "Crazy In Love" duet partner, Jay-Z.

In 2006, Beyonce hit the big screen again in The Pink Panther with comedic icon Steve Martin. The movie debuted at No. 1 on its opening weekend, and further solidified Beyonce as a double threat in the industry.

beyonce releases b'day

Beyonce's second solo effort, B'Day, was released in September 2006 with much success, selling 3,116,000 copies worldwide (and released on her 25th birthday). The singles "Deja Vu," "Ring the Alarm" and "Irreplaceable" all hit No. 1 on the charts, and the album was nominated for an outstanding five Grammy Awards in 2007.

Beyonce was no stranger to award nominations in 2007, however, as her role in the musical Dreamgirls (2006) garnered the star her first official nomination as an actress by none other than the prestigious Golden Globes. She was also awarded the International Artist Award at the 2007 American Music Awards.

beyonce is named no. 14 in 2008 top 99
Beyonce has gained a lot of recognition on She was voted as the No. 1 Most Desirable Woman of 2007, so it's understandable why she has a high ranking on our Top 99 list of 2008. With fame, fortune and the most bootylicious booty out there, we just can't seem to get enough of Beyonce.

Beyonce Success

Beyonce is absolutely mesmerizing and, thankfully, loves to show it all off in the naughtiest of costumes. We love that in a relatively short time, she has become an icon: Releasing numerous hit songs, acting in big-time films and being ever-present in the media and on stage. She is certainly an influential powerhouse in her own right.

Unlike other pop stars, Beyonce maintains credibility with a great set of pipes and original songwriting. Her crossover into acting has shown promise and ensures that her time in the spotlight will not be short. This is a good sign, seeing as our Beyonce dreams have become all too frequent nowadays

Beyonce Biograpy Pictures Photos Videos

Sexiness87 This goddess possesses almost every great feature imaginable; one can stare awestruck at her angelic face, dangerously curvaceous body, booty that goes on for days, and her long, shapely legs. Greatest of all is that Beyonce knows how to work it, wearing clothing that complements her curves and dancing in her videos as if she knew just what men wanted to see. For this, she was voted Beyonce Biograpy Pictures Photos Videos


Why Is She Famous?
The central figure for R&B group Destiny's Child, Beyonce was the talent behind such smash hits as "Say My Name," "No, No, No" and "Independent Women." Venturing out on her own, it was no surprise that her debut solo album, 2003's Dangerously In Love, garnered her five Grammy Awards in a single night. Of course, Beyonce also acts; you can see her foxy self in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), The Fighting Temptations (2003), The Pink Panther (2006), and Dreamgirls (2006).

Vital Stats
Date of Birth: September 4, 1981
Birth Location: Houston, Texas

Latest News
Beyonce's curvy craving
The star - who crash dieted to lose weight for her new movie, 'Dreamgirls' - says as soon as filming ended she craved junk food.

More News
Beyonce loses booty
The curvy star felt the massive weight loss was the only to way to make her character 60s pop singer Deena Jones more convincing.
Beyonce Knowles offers Whitney help
The sexy singer was horrified by reports the 80s pop superstar - who is married to Bobby Brown - is hooked on drugs and living in squalor.

Beyonce Discoqrapy

2007 Experience
2007 B'day [Japan Bonus Track]
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2007 B'day [Deluxe Edition]
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2006 B'day [Circuit City Exclusive]
2006 B'day [Bonus Track]
2006 B'day
2004 Dangerously in Love [Import CD]
2003 Dangerously in Love [Japan Bonus Tracks]
2003 Dangerously in Love [Import Bonus Tracks]
2003 Dangerously in Love [Bonus Track]
2003 Dangerously in Love [Australia]
2003 Dangerously in Love

Beyonce Knowles Ringtones

Beyonce Knowles Ringtones:

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Irreplaceable (Ver. 2)
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Naughty Girl
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Naughty Girl (Ver. 2)
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Wishing On A Star


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Beyonce Knowles Filmography

Beyonce Knowles Filmography:

2007 Beyoncé: The Beyoncé Experience - Live
2007 Beyonce: B'day Anthology Video Album
2006 Drugs on Music: Cocaine City, Vol. 2
2004 Fade to Black
2003 Saturday Night Live: Dan Aykroyd
2003 Beyoncé: Live at Wembley
2003 Beyoncé: Crazy in Love - Featuring Jay-Z
2003 Nelson Mandela's AIDS Day Concert: The Event


Beyonce Knowles Biography:
One of the most recognizable characters in modern-day R&B, Beyoncé first rose to fame as the siren-voiced centerpiece of Destiny's Child before embarking on a multi-platinum solo career in 2001. Booming record sales, Grammy awards, movie roles, and a romance with rapper/CEO Jay-Z combined to heighten her profile in the 2000s, making the singer a virtual mainstay in the entertainment world. While some media outlets derisively championed Paris Hilton as "the next Marilyn Monroe," Beyoncé was a much better contender for the role, her glittering pop culture persona only matched by her success onscreen and on record.

Born in Houston in September 1981, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles began performing at age seven, winning upwards of 30 local competitions for her dancing and vocal abilities. She also joined her cousin Kelly Rowland and classmates LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett in forming an adolescent vocal group. Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé's father and Rowland's legal guardian, signed on to be the girls' manager, eventually quitting his full-time job to focus on their efforts. This situation would ultimately lead to the creation of one of the most popular female R&B groups of all time -- Destiny's Child.

Destiny's Child gained momentum throughout the 1990s, appearing on Star Search in 1992 (under the name Girl's Tyme) and weathering several lineup changes before signing to Columbia Records in 1997. Four studio albums later, the group has officially become the best-selling female group of all time, with such smash hits as "Jumpin' Jumpin'," "Bills, Bills, Bills," "Say My Name," and "Survivor" bolstering the girls' momentum despite a continued string of lawsuits from former members Roberson and Luckett (who contested Mathew Knowles' management, claiming he withheld profits and unjustly favored his daughter and niece). In 2001, Beyoncé, Rowland, and replacement member Michelle Williams allowed themselves a break from the group to pursue individual solo careers. Before landing several movie roles, Beyoncé became the first African-American female artist and second woman ever to win the annual ASCAP Pop Songwriter of the Year Award. An appearance in the MTV drama Carmen: A Hip Hopera quickly followed, but it was her role as Foxxy Cleopatra in 2002's Austin Powers in Goldmember that established Beyoncé as a true Hollywood star.

While her inclusion on the movie's soundtrack failed to chart nationally, Beyoncé's full-length solo debut, 2003's Dangerously in Love, reached multi-platinum status. Featuring collaborations with Sean Paul, Missy Elliott, OutKast's Big Boi, and romantic interest Jay-Z, the album spawned a total of four Top Ten singles and garnered the singer five Grammys. Destiny's Child reconvened the following year to release Destiny Fulfilled; upon completing the resulting tour, the group issued one final album, a greatest-hits compilation entitled 1's, and subsequently disbanded. Beyoncé turned her full attention to her burgeoning solo career, releasing the sophomore effort B'day in September 2006 and, three months later, turning in an award-winning performance for the movie musical Dreamgirls. The singer then embarked on the "Beyoncé Experience" concert tour, releasing a live DVD in November 2007 and citing plans to work with producer Timbaland on an impending third studio effort (slated for release in 2008). Andrew Leahey, All Music Guide

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Check On It Beyonce

Check On It Beyonce

Check On It Beyonce

Check On It Beyonce

Naughty Girl Beyonce

Naughty Girl Beyonce

Deja vu feat Jay Z Beyonce

Deja vu feat Jay Z Beyonce

Ring The Alarm Beyonce

Ring The Alarm Beyonce

Irrepleceable Beyonce

Irrepleceable Beyonce Wht Do u think about Beyonce?


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